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                                      In 2005, Meilaite Lighting Co., Ltd. carried the most advanced technology in the center of the Pearl River Delta - Guangzhou. After 16years of development, the company has grown from a professional outdoor lamp to an outdoor lamp and an indoor entertainment main light to form the mainstream of entertainment venues and outdoor lighting. The industry is known as the “rising star”.

                                   Today, we still maintain the leading position of o... ...




                                "Meilaite Stage Lighting" provide

                                Advanced lighting equipment

                                Meilaite stage lighting equipment factory has a number of professional senior engineers and dozens of professional technicians. At the same time, the whole factory strictly follows ISO9001.2000 quality management system, and the products meet international quality standards. We have also made remarkable achievements in engineering performance and international trade. So far, we have completed more than 200 large and small projects, and have a huge marketing network in nearly 30 large and medium-sized cities in China. Meilaite people, by virtue of hard work, take creating an international brand as their great wish, regard first-class products and first-class services as their own responsibility, and add luster to the city.


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